Cinemalogia — Da Ideia ao Filme

4ª edi­ção

More than a cen­tury after its inven­tion, the cinema remains the most impor­tant form of artis­tic expres­sion of the con­tem­po­rary world. Your lan­guage” is now adop­ted by all sorts of media and visual expres­sion, influ­en­cing not only the new media, but infec­ting or inva­ding even, also other forms of tra­di­ti­o­nal art, lite­ra­ture, pain­ting or dance to architecture.

In fact, des­pite all the tech­ni­cal and artis­tic deve­lop­ments through which was per­ma­nen­tly (re) inven­ting, the cinema is, regar­dless of the media on which it is recor­ded or the for­mat in which it is dis­played, one of the means of artis­tic expres­sion more com­plex than is given to us to appreciate.
Art-synthe­sis, as has been des­cri­bed, by incor­po­ra­ting tech­ni­ques and forms of expres­sion of all pre­vi­ous arts, cinema or moving pic­ture”, is one of the most sig­ni­fi­cant artis­tic mani­fes­ta­ti­ons, but also of the most deman­ding cre­a­tive point of view, pre­ci­sely because it requi­res the mas­tery of a num­ber of tech­ni­cal and artis­tic kno­wledge and the deve­lop­ment of a whole series of spe­ci­fic skills.

In this intro­duc­tory course to the cine­ma­tic achi­e­ve­ment, it is inten­ded to con­vey the main kno­wledge and deve­lop the core com­pe­ten­cies, both from a tech­ni­cal point of view, whether artis­tic, neces­sary for the rea­li­sa­tion of a pro­ject, from design and deve­lop­ment of an idea of ori­gi­nal fic­tion dis­play at a movie the­a­ter, ena­bling stu­dents to pro­duce a short film using the digi­tal video pro­duc­tion kno­wledge obtai­ned throughout the training.

The course, Cine­ma­lo­gia — the idea to the film, has essen­ti­ally a prac­ti­cal, without neglec­ting the intro­duc­tion of solid the­o­re­ti­cal kno­wledge about the cine­ma­tic lan­guage. Is a trai­ning pro­ject in film, only in the cen­tral region, able to accom­mo­date in their syl­la­bus the bases of all the cine­ma­tic lan­guage with a rich his­to­ri­cal back­ground to the for­mu­la­tion of teams and to finance film pro­jects, com­bi­ning prac­ti­cal inten­sive deve­lop­ment the­re­af­ter a short film by the trai­nees and with the expert gui­dance of trainers.

Modu­les will be con­duc­ted in tra­di­ti­o­nal areas of Pro­duc­tion, rea­li­za­tion, script, image, sound and Assem­bly being grou­ped into four large blocks, cor­res­pon­ding roughly to the sta­ges of rea­li­za­tion of a movie:

  • Pre-pro­duc­tion;

This pro­ject dis­tin­guishes itself from the others while run­ning mos­tly on sche­dule after-hours time­ta­ble and the pos­si­bi­lity that stu­dents have to enroll the entire course or in modu­les inde­pen­den­tly. Fre­quency con­di­ti­ons offe­red allow both begin­ners in film pro­duc­tion as experts can attend the course, mee­ting their lear­ning needs.

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