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In this Selec­tion, all kinds of films are allowed to com­pete, as long as they are/​were pro­du­ced in aca­de­mic, tech­ni­cal and/​or pro­fis­si­o­nal trai­ning con­text and com­ple­ted since the tran­sact edi­tion of the festival.

Rules & Terms Inscription


Do I need to pay a Sub­mis­sion Fee?

The sub­mis­sion for the Essays Selec­tion was free until the 11th of Sep­tem­ber. It is now char­ged a fee of 5,00€ to help sup­port the event pro­duc­tion expenses.

By sub­mit­ting your film, ple­ase e-mail us a con­fir­ma­tion with the name of the film, the pro­du­cer and the des­crip­tion of the bank trans­fer, atta­ching the proof of pay­ment of regis­tra­tion, to [email protected]​caminhos.​info.

Do we accept DCP for­mat films?

Unfor­tu­na­tely, the exhi­bi­tion the­a­tres of the Cami­nhos Film Fes­ti­val are not equip­ped with DCP pro­jec­tion sys­tem. The most recom­men­ded for­mat is a repla­ce­ment H264 or Pro­Res file with the reso­lu­tion of 1080 pro­gres­sive lines. 

After paying the Sub­mis­sion Fee, my film may not be selected?

Yes, after your film sub­mis­sion your movie will go through a pre-selec­tion car­ried out by an intern jury and it may or it may not be cho­sen to enter the offi­cial competition.

I made my appli­ca­tion through Film­Fre­eway. Do I also have to sub­mit all the reques­ted mate­ri­als by post mail?

In case your film is selec­ted to enter the offi­cial com­pe­ti­tion, you don’t need to send all the mate­ri­als by post mail, with excep­tion of the film. If you are selec­ted, ple­ase send a copy of your film to:
Cami­nhos Film Fes­ti­val
Rua Padre Antó­nio Vieira
Edi­fí­cio AAC1º Piso
3000 – 315 Coim­bra, Portugal

Is my regis­tra­tion com­ple­ted with the sub­mis­sion of data on the form?

To make sure your appli­ca­tion is com­ple­ted, you should make sure that you receive a con­fir­ma­tion email. If not, we have not recei­ved your regis­tra­tion in our data­base. Ple­ase re-enter your data and make sure that the total size of atta­ch­ments is less than 6Mb.

If you have any doubts, feel free to con­tact us. We’ll be happy to help you.