Essays Selection

In this Selection, all kinds of films are allowed to compete, as long as they are/were produced in academic, technical and/or profissional training context and completed since the transact edition of the festival.

Rules & Terms Inscription


Do I need to pay a Submission Fee?

The submission for the Essays Selection was free until the 11th of September. It is now charged a fee of 5,00€ to help support the event production expenses.

By submitting your film, please e-mail us a confirmation with the name of the film, the producer and the description of the bank transfer, attaching the proof of payment of registration, to

Do we accept DCP format films?

Unfortunately, the exhibition theatres of the Caminhos Film Festival are not equipped with DCP projection system. The most recommended format is a replacement H264 or ProRes file with the resolution of 1080 progressive lines.

After paying the Submission Fee, my film may not be selected?

Yes, after your film submission your movie will go through a pre-selection carried out by an intern jury and it may or it may not be chosen to enter the official competition.

I made my application through FilmFreeway. Do I also have to submit all the requested materials by post mail?

In case your film is selected to enter the official competition, you don't need to send all the materials by post mail, with exception of the film. If you are selected, please send a copy of your film to:
Caminhos Film Festival
Rua Padre António Vieira
Edifício AAC - 1º Piso
3000-315 Coimbra, Portugal

Is my registration completed with the submission of data on the form?

To make sure your application is completed, you should make sure that you receive a confirmation email. If not, we have not received your registration in our database. Please re-enter your data and make sure that the total size of attachments is less than 6Mb.

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us. We'll be happy to help you.