24th edition

Caminhos Film Festival returns in November 23rd until December 1st as a reference event of the Portuguese film panorama. Since 1988, it is the only festival dedicated to Portuguese cinema. It has been organized in the city of Coimbra promoting all sorts of genres and footage of aspiring or established authors.

Coimbra is entitled the city of students due to its prestige and oldest Portuguese University, now considered Unesco Heritage, with 727 years of history. This city is known for its academic traditions and important locals, such as the Botanic Garden, “Biblioteca Joanina”, “Pátio das Escolas”, “Penedo da Saudade”, “Jardim do Sereia”, “Arco de Almedina, “Quebra Costas”, so on; and it is also famous for Coimbra’s Fado which is interpreted exclusively by men. Fado is a musical genre rich of emotion and sentiment, expressed by beautifully written lyrics and heartfelt melodies, elevating this genre to a form of art that does not need to be understood, only felt.

Caminho’s Festival will take place in “Gil Vicente” Theater (TAGV) “Salgado Zenha” Mini auditorium, located in “Praça da República”, the centre of Coimbra.

Prices to attend the festival

Daily Ticket

Students, Professors and Staff of University of Coimbra , CEC & AACC Caminhos associates, Unemployeds - 3€

General Public - 4€

Short Description

This festival offers the only Portuguese cinematic competition that sums up different age groups and stylistic registers that national cinematography runs from the feature film, to the short film, documentary or animation, among others, and aims to encourage and reward the combination of technique and artistic vision that transforms cinema into the seventh art.

In addition to its Competitive Sections, the festival advocates a deepening of the national film culture, promoting activities for Juniors, Seniors, the cinema course – Cinemalogia -, the International Symposium “Fusions in Cinema”, an International Competition and a whole other set of activities that allow different audiences to participate in this festival of Portuguese cinema, in a spirit of sharing and exchange of ideas.

The 5th Symposium “Fusions in Cinema” occurs during the days of November 23rd to 24th in São João da Madeira with the support of it’s Town Hall. The 4rd edition is organized due to a partnership between Caminhos Film Festival and UMCLA of “Universidade Aberta”, considering that every proposal goes through a process of blind-revision to assure an impartial evaluation. Submitted and accepted proposals for communication will be published in a special issue for this year’s “ICONO 14” magazine. The established deadline to be sending proposals is September 15th,


If you are interested and in need of a place to stay, Coimbra offers plenty of choices and price ranges in different historic localizations such as downtown, uptown near the University and “Praça da República”. For instance, search for Tivoli Hotel, “Botânico” Hotel and “Bragança” Hotel.

We were navigators, discoverers, champions. But why leave it in the past?
Portuguese Cinema is alive and will not resign itself to the dusty shelves. We want light in the theaters of our country, we want to (re)love the Portuguese people for what is theirs!

Come walk with us, on the 24th Caminhos Film Festival!