Last Call for Movies at 24th edition

Call for Movies of the 24th edi­tion of Cam­in­hos Film Fest, which opened on 1st of may and will offi­cially close tomor­row, 31st of July 2018.

Ded­ic­ated mainly to Por­tuguese pro­duc­tions that took place after last edition’s dead­line. The organ­iz­a­tion invites all the pro­du­cers, dir­ect­ors and Por­tuguese cre­at­ors to apply for the com­pet­it­ive selec­tions that dif­fer based on the type of the film, but they own the same object­ive, pro­mo­tion of Por­tuguese cinema. 

Cam­in­hos Selec­tion, the main selec­tion of the fest­ival, is ded­ic­ated to all pieces, on vari­ous genres: Doc­u­ment­ary, anim­a­tion, fea­ture film or short films with Por­tuguese pro­duc­tion or co-pro­duc­tion.
Essays Selec­tion is aimed to pieces that were pro­duced for aca­demic pur­poses, hav­ing a place for inter­na­tional pro­duc­tions giv­ing chance to a com­par­at­ive view about the future of our cinema.

The only fest­ival ded­ic­ated to the Por­tuguese cinema awards, annu­ally, all the intervini­ents on the cre­ation of the best film, since the best ori­ginal screen­play to best act­ing, without miss­ing the best cos­tume design, the best dir­ec­tion or best pro­duc­tions amongst the oth­ers.

In this final period of the 24th edi­tion festival’s sub­mis­sion, we want to rein­force our desire to get a lar­ger par­ti­cip­a­tion, offer­ing some extra dates to sub­mit, as well as 25% of dis­count on the sub­mis­sion taxes.
For that, you may use the voucher code LastDaysCCP24Promo on the filmfree­way.

Cam­in­hos are the only Fest­ival that pro­motes the national cinema award­ing them, on all the tech­nical and artistic char­ac­ter­ist­ics of the films in com­pet­i­tion.

The XXIV edi­tion of the fest­ival will take place at Coim­bra between 23rd of Novem­ber until 1st of Decem­ber.

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