Presenting World Caminhos Catalunya’

Even dodging the polit­ical debate, every­one can recog­nize a mul­tiple and very rich per­son­al­ity in the Span­ish cul­ture, from Mad­rid to Galicia, Cata­lonia, the Basque Coun­try or Andalu­cia. Every region has its own idio­syn­crasy and lately, in Cata­lonia, has raised a power­ful cit­izen move­ment which is mak­ing ser­i­ous steps in order to sep­ar­ate from the Span­ish State. This grow­ing move­ment has been pro­voked by sev­eral reas­ons; the crisis, the polit­ical, eco­nomic and social dis­agree­ments between the Catalan gov­ern­ment and the cent­ral gov­ern­ment, etc., but has also redis­covered some his­tor­ical, cul­tural and idio­matic vin­dic­a­tions that today, more than ever, are pen­et­rat­ing in the people’s speech.

That’s why, in this very moment, it is also more inter­est­ing than ever to get into the Catalan cul­ture and art. For that, there’s no bet­ter way than the cinema. What we pro­pose is a pro­gramme that includes five fea­ture films (one doc­u­ment­ary, one docu-fic­tion, and three fic­tions) and four shorts, all very dif­fer­ent between each other, but a good rep­res­ent­a­tion of this cul­ture. Some of these films talk about social issues: La Granja del Pas is a power­ful doc­u­ment­ary about evicted fam­il­ies; Nada S.A. and El corredor, short films, are scath­ing com­ed­ies about unem­ploy­ment; La plaga, between real­ity and fic­tion, por­traits a little com­munity from Barcelona’s out­skirts. Other films pro­grammed take other themes, per­sonal dra­mas that can become as uni­ver­sal as Shakespeare is: Otel·lo brings the Brit­ish author nowadays, refresh­ing the tragedy with a lush per­spect­ive; Tots volem el mil­lor per a ella and El camí més llarg per tor­nar a casa are both excel­lent sur­gical explor­a­tions about internal pain, caused by a dis­ease or by an unbear­able loss. Finally, short films No me quites and El adiós are intim­ate but tran­scend­ental epis­odes of two strong women.

This selec­tion has been made with the sup­port of the Acadèmia del Cinema Català (Catalan Film Academy), which every year cel­eb­rates the Gaudí Awards, recog­niz­ing the best Catalan films of the year. Most of these films have won or have been nom­in­ated to this awards, and some of them to the Goyas too, and a long way through fest­ivals. There is also a non-cal­cu­lated but very pos­it­ive bal­ance between men (5) and women (5) film­makers, as well as an het­ero­genic offer of genres, tones and themes. We hope you enjoy it!

Programação Caminhos Mundiais
Auditório Mosteiro de Santa Clara-a-Velha

19 de Novembro, 16h00
Title Dir­ector Pro­duc­tion Co. Runtime Year
El Corredor José Luis Montesinos Caduco Films, Bastian Films 15 2014
El Camí més llarg per tor­nar a casa Sergi Pérez Niu d’Indi, No hay banda 85 2015
22 de Novembro, 16h00
Title Dir­ector Pro­duc­tion Co. Runtime Year
Nada S.A. Caye Casas, Albert Pintó Alhena Pro­duc­tion 15 2014
La Granja del Pass Sílvia Munt Intent Pro­duc­cions, Tele­visió de Catalunya 80 2015
23 de Novembro, 16h00
Title Dir­ector Pro­duc­tion Co. Runtime Year
El Adiós Clara Roquet Lastor Media 15 2015
Tots volem el mil­lor per a ella Mar Coll Escán­dalo Films, Tele­visió de Catalunya 97 2013
25 de Novembro, 16h00
Title Dir­ector Pro­duc­tion Co. Runtime Year
No me quites Laura Jou Corte y Con­fec­ción de Pelícu­las, Pelícu­las La Trini 14 2015
Otel·lo Ham­mudi Al-Rah­moun Font Escán­dalo Films, Corte y Con­fec­ción de Pelícu­las 69 2013
26 de Novembro, 16h00
Title Dir­ector Pro­duc­tion Co. Runtime Year
La Plaga Neus Ballús El Kinò­graf, Tele­visió de Catalunya, Arte France 85 2013

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