Júri FICC | IFFS 2011

XVIII Cami­nhos do Cinema Por­tu­guês – Júri FICC | IFFS Jury

Tem sido um dos fac­to­res dig­ni­fi­can­tes da qua­li­dade do fes­ti­val ter repre­sen­tan­tes da Fede­ra­ção Inter­na­ci­o­nal de Cine­clu­bes a cons­ti­tuir o Júri FICC. A este com­pete dis­tin­guir um filme atri­buindo-lhe o Pré­mio D Qui­jote, sendo pos­te­ri­or­mente inte­grado na Pro­gra­ma­ção do Fes­ti­val da Fede­ra­ção Inter­na­ci­o­nal de Cine­clu­bes em Itá­lia.

It has been one of the dig­ni­fied fac­tors of the qua­lity of the fes­ti­val to have repre­sen­ta­ti­ves of the Inter­na­ti­o­nal Fede­ra­tion of Film Soci­e­ties to be the FICC Jury. To this jury com­pe­tes dis­tin­guish a movie giving it the Prize D Qui­jote, and later inte­gra­ted into the pro­gram­ming of the Fes­ti­val da Fede­ra­ção Inter­na­ci­o­nal de Cine­clu­bes in Italy.

Devi Gan­gadhar Pan­day – Índia

Am an actor, short film­ma­ker based at Hyde­ra­bad, AP, India. I work mainly in Telugu lan­guage Films as cha­rac­ter actor and also in lan­gua­ges Hindi, English, Tamil and Urdu. I am also into voice acting, script wri­ting and trans­la­tion of scripts etc., I am acti­vely invol­ved in the film fes­ti­val move­ment and in Exe­cu­tive Com­mit­tee Board of Hyde­ra­bad Film Club. I aspire to see a world with less lan­guage bar­ri­ers. As a prac­ti­cing Envi­ron­men­ta­list I aim to live in and leave behind a save envi­ron­ment. As a film­ma­ker I strive to fol­low the code of best prac­ti­ces in sus­tai­na­ble film­ma­king.

Aksel Kiel­land – Noru­ega
a_kielland Aksel Kiel­land (1983) is a fre­e­lance wri­ter who has been invol­ved in the film soci­ety move­ment since 2004. Kiel­land first star­ted out as a mem­ber of the board in Tromsø Film Soci­ety, before being bri­e­fly invol­ved with the Moss Film Soci­ety. For the last five years he has ser­ved as a mem­ber of the board of Ber­gen Film Soci­ety – the lar­gest of its kind in Norway – and for the past three years he has ser­ved as lea­der. In con­junc­tion with this, Kiel­land has also ser­ved on the board of the Ber­gen Cine­mathe­que as well as the Norwe­gian Fede­ra­tion of Film Soci­e­ties.
Having com­ple­ted his mas­ters degree in media stu­dies at the Uni­ver­sity of Ber­gen this spring with a the­sis on the his­to­ri­cal evo­lu­tion of the Norwe­gian crime radi­o­play, Kiel­land cur­ren­tly works as a fre­e­lance wri­ter, regu­larly con­tri­bu­ting arti­cles on film, tele­vi­sion, comic books, pop music and lit­te­ra­ture to a host of cri­ti­cally acclai­med and popu­lar Norwe­gian maga­zi­nes and news­pa­pers.
For the last four years, Kiel­land has ser­ved as head scribe, cata­lo­gue edi­tor and pro­gram con­sul­tant for Ber­gen Inter­na­ti­o­nal Film Fes­ti­val, Norway’s big­gest fes­ti­val in terms of films shown, and second only to the Tromsø fes­ti­val in terms of audi­en­ces. He has also ser­ved as the film cura­tor for the Bore­a­lis fes­ti­val for con­tem­po­rary music for the last three years, and in 2009 and 2011, he was one of the foun­ders and head orga­ni­zers of the Norwe­gian Fan­zine Con­gress. In addi­tion to his jour­na­lis­tic wri­tings, Kiel­land also runs a small scale publishing com­pany spe­ci­a­li­zing in lite­rary pamph­lets with small print runs.
Luís Pereira – Por­tu­gal
l_pereira After finishing high school, in Lis­bon and Azo­res, he stu­died audi­o­vi­sual and jour­na­lism. Radio host and jour­na­list since 1984, deve­lo­ped Pro­fes­si­o­nal acti­vity in dif­fe­rent media: Lusa Agency, Açor Press Diá­rio de Lis­boa and Rádio Clube Asas do Atlân­tico. He was host and pro­du­cer at RDP between 1989 and 1997, being RDP Dele­gate in Horta. Wor­ked with RTP in seve­ral docu­men­ta­ries. Pre­sen­tly living in Faial Island where deve­lo­pes seve­ral acti­vi­ties in cul­tu­ral pro­duc­tion. As free lan­cer he published some works in seve­ral publi­ca­ti­ons at nati­o­nal and inter­na­ti­o­nal level.
Des­pite is pas­sion by the radio, it was in the cinema, since very young age, that he found space for dre­a­ming and fre­e­dom. Pro­du­cer of seve­ral short films, sho­o­ted in Azo­res, orga­ni­zed and took part of seve­ral cinema workshops.
Since 2003 he is Exe­cu­tive Direc­tor and Pro­gram­mer of Horta Film Soci­ety being its Pre­si­den since Febru­ary 2006 and Gene­ral Direc­tor of Faial Film Fest. Recen­tly he was elec­ted as Vice-Pre­si­dent of Por­tu­guese Fede­ra­tion of Film Soci­e­ties.