Tiago R. Santos Argumentista

Tiago R. Santos was born in the year of 1976, and after a short attempt at a journalistic career, he started his work as a scriptwriter in 2007 with the movie Call Girl.

He wrote A Bela e o Papa­razzo, wor­ked in series such as Liber­dade 21 and Conta-me como Foi and is cur­ren­tly col­la­bo­ra­ting in Filhos do Rock, a new pro­ject to the network RTP. In the pre­sent day, Tiago is also a Film Cri­tic in the sup­ple­ment Ten­ta­çoes, from the maga­zine Sábado, the author of Os gatos não Têm Ver­ti­gens – the new movie from Antó­nio-Pedro Vas­con­ce­los – and he just published his first book, enti­tled A Velo­ci­dade dos Objec­tos Metá­li­cos”.